Close to greatness, except… Before I begin, let me say that I’m not a contrarian. I didn’t start this blog to tell people that their opinions are wrong. It’s my intent to celebrate video-games that have unified and delighted gamers. There are, however, certain games conflict me, games that convince me of their brilliance while… Continue reading Undertale

Mark of the Ninja

  Mark of the Ninja is, in my opinion, the ultimate stealth game. By this I don’t mean it’s the best stealth game I’ve ever played (though it’s certainly a contender). I mean no other game I’ve played has displayed such a competant understanding of the mechanics that inform a stealth game. Stealth is, when… Continue reading Mark of the Ninja

This War of Mine

When questionable game-mechanics can improve a game There’s a certain mechanic in This War of Mine, a strategy game that depicts an all-too-real struggle to survive in a war-torn environment, that really stuck out for me during my first playthrough. During the game’s scavenging sections, where the player must search for supplies at night to support… Continue reading This War of Mine